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  • RELEASED: 2014
  • RUNTIME: 121 mins
  • DIRECTED BY: Steve James
  • STARRING: Roger Ebert, Werner Herzog, Martin Scorsese, Errol Morris, Ava DuVernay, Ramin Bahrani, A.O. Scott

An insightful and wildly emotional documentary about the most legendary film critic of all time. I had no idea that Ebert wrote the screenplay for Beyond The Valley of The Dolls or that Siskel was friends with Hugh Hefner and spent a lot of time at the Playboy mansion. And man, it really hits hard. The part where he talks about how he wanted to go to the movies so badly but the doctor wouldn’t let him…😢. By the end I was a wreck. But overall, this just reminded me of how much I idolize Roger Ebert and how much I love movies and simply want to live my life around movies and the movie business. Also, I find it hilarious that when Scorsese is interviewed he makes the most hypocritical comment I’ve ever heard. Referring to Roger, he says “He didn’t get caught up in ideologies of what cinema should be”. Funny coming from the guy who attacked an entire genre last year, for being “not cinema”😐.

“I’ll see you at the movies.”