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  • RELEASED: 1995
  • RUNTIME: 128 mins
  • WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Hensleigh, Roderick Thorp
  • DIRECTED BY: John McTiernan
  • STARRING: Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Irons, Graham Greene, Colleen Camp, Aldis Hodge

This is one of the best sequels ever made and especially one of the best third films in a franchise. It definitely kinda falls apart in the last 15 minutes or so (especially considering how awesome it would’ve been if they used that insane alternate ending) but it’s still a heart-pounding, tension-filled thrill ride that never gives you a second to breathe and I love how it’s kinda relevant today with its racially charged subtext. And of course, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. have dynamite chemistry. Also, Jerry the construction man is a legend and I don’t think I’ll ever fully comprehend the water jug task.

“I told you the park drive is always jammed.”

“I didn’t say park drive… I said through the park.”